OTOBO Docker

OTOBO Docker

Wichtige Befehle und Informationen zu OTOBO mit Docker



Je nachdem ob man die normale Installation oder das docker Setup durchführt. Hat man entweder ein Docker System oder keins.

Wie kann man das OTOBO Ticketsystem installieren ? 

Docker Container

Falls du ein Docker Setup hast, gibt es einige wichtige Dinge zu wissen. Beim Otobo Docker gibt es 5 oder 6 docker container, je nachdem ob man den optionalen nginx reverse proxy installiert hat. Mithilfe von nginx kann man ein sichere HTTPS Verbindung zum Client herstellen.

Es gibt folgende Docker Container:

  1. otobo_web_1
  2. otobo_redis_1
  3. otobo_db_1
  4. otobo_daemon_1
  5. otobo_elastic_1
  6. otobo_nginx_1 (optional)

Was sind docker container?

Die einzelnen Docker Container sind Art Virtuelle Maschinen. Jeder Docker Container ist in seiner eigenen Umgebung und ist nicht an andere Container gebunden. Die docker container sind mit docker volumes verbunden. In den volumes, werden die Daten des Containers gespeichert.

Wichtige Docker Befehle:

den docker service starten

systemctl enable docker

docker service stoppen

systemctl stop docker

Alle laufenden Container anzeigen

docker ps

Einzelnen docker container starten

docker start container-name

Einzelnen docker container stoppen

docker stop container-name

Um die Dateien und Ordner der Container zu finden, musst du folgendem Pfad folgen  /var /lib /docker / volumes.

OTOBO Docker Befehle ausführen

Um wichtige OTOBO Befehle von der Konsole auszuführen. Muss man folgendes ausführen:

docker exec -it otobo_web_1 bash

Danach befinden Sie sich im otobo_web_1 container. Um OTOBO Befehle auszuführen:


OTOBO Liste der Befehle

Admin::Article::StorageSwitch Migrate article files from one storage backend to another on the fly.
Admin::CommunicationChannel::Drop Drop a communication channel (with its data) that is no longer available in the system.
Admin::CommunicationChannel::Sync Synchronize registered communication channels in the system.
Admin::Config::FixInvalid Attempt to fix invalid system configuration settings.
Admin::Config::ListInvalid List invalid system configuration.
Admin::Config::Read Gather the value of a setting.
Admin::Config::UnlockAll Unlock all settings.
Admin::Config::Update Update the value of a setting.
Admin::CustomerCompany::Add Add a customer company.
Admin::CustomerUser::Add Add a customer user.
Admin::CustomerUser::SetPassword Update the password for a customer user.
Admin::Group::Add Create a new group.
Admin::Group::CustomerLink Connect a customer user to a group.
Admin::Group::RoleLink Connect a role to a group.
Admin::Group::UserLink Connect a user to a group.
Admin::Package::Export Export the contents of an OTOBO package to a directory.
Admin::Package::FileSearch Find a file in an installed OTOBO package.
Admin::Package::Install Install an OTOBO package.
Admin::Package::List List all installed OTOBO packages.
Admin::Package::ListInstalledFiles List all installed OTOBO package files.
Admin::Package::Reinstall Reinstall an OTOBO package.
Admin::Package::ReinstallAll Reinstall all OTOBO packages that are not correctly deployed.
Admin::Package::RepositoryList List all known OTOBO package repsitories.
Admin::Package::Uninstall Uninstall an OTOBO package.
Admin::Package::Upgrade Upgrade an OTOBO package.
Admin::Package::UpgradeAll Upgrade all OTOBO packages to the latest versions from the online repositories.
Admin::Queue::Add Create a new queue.
Admin::Queue::List List existing queues.
Admin::Role::Add Create a new role.
Admin::Role::UserLink Connect a user to a role.
Admin::Service::Add Add new service.
Admin::StandardTemplate::QueueLink Link a template to a queue.
Admin::SystemAddress::Add Add new system address.
Admin::TicketType::Add Add new ticket type.
Admin::User::Add Add a user.
Admin::User::SetPassword Update the password for an agent.
Admin::WebService::Add Create a new web service.
Admin::WebService::Delete Delete an existing web service.
Admin::WebService::Dump Print a web service configuration (in YAML format) into a file.
Admin::WebService::List List all web services.
Admin::WebService::Update Update an existing web service.
Dev::Code::CPANAudit Scan CPAN dependencies in Kernel/cpan lib and in the system for known vulnerabilities.
Dev::Code::CPANUpdate Update dependencies in Kernel/cpan lib.
Dev::Code::ContributorsListUpdate Update the list of contributors based on git commit information.
Dev::Code::Generate::ConsoleCommand Generate a console command skeleton.
Dev::Code::Generate::UnitTest::Backend Generate a test skeleton.
Dev::Package::Build Create an OTOBO package (opm) file from an OTOBO package source (sopm) file.
Dev::Package::DocumentationGenerate Generate a documentation skeleton containing the current sopm and SysConfig information.
Dev::Package::RepositoryIndex Generate an index file (otobo.xml) for an OTOBO package repository.
Dev::Tools::CacheBenchmark Run a benchmark over the available cache backends.
Dev::Tools::Config2Docbook Generate a config options reference chapter (docbook) for the administration manual.
Dev::Tools::ConsoleStats Print some statistics about available console commands.
Dev::Tools::ImportFakeEmails Insert fake emails/tickets to the system.
Dev::Tools::RPMSpecGenerate Generate RPM spec files.
Dev::Tools::Shell An interactive REPL shell for the OTOBO API.
Dev::Tools::TestEmails Get emails from test backend and output them to screen.
Dev::Tools::TranslationsUpdate Update the OTOBO translation files.
Dev::Tools::Database::RandomDataInsert Insert random data into the OTOBO database for testing purposes.
Dev::Tools::Database::XML2SQL Convert OTOBO database XML to SQL.
Dev::Tools::Database::XMLExecute Convert an OTOBO database XML file to SQL and execute it in the current database.
Dev::Tools::GenericInterface::DebugRead Read parts of the generic interface debug log based on your given options.
Dev::Tools::Migrate::OTRSToOTOBO Create clean OTOBO source files from OTRS source code or an OTRS OPM package.Migrate XML configuration files from OTRS 6.0.x to OTOBO 10.0.x.
Dev::UnitTest::Run Execute unit test scripts in scripts/test using TAP::Harness.Maint

Maint::Cache::Delete Delete cache files created by OTOBO.
Maint::CloudServices::ConnectionCheck Check OTOBO cloud services connectivity.
Maint::Config::Dump Dump configuration settings.
Maint::Config::Rebuild Rebuild the system configuration of OTOBO.
Maint::Config::Sync Synchronize system configuration file with the latest deployment in the database.
Maint::Daemon::List List available daemons.
Maint::Daemon::Summary Show a summary of one or all daemon modules.
Maint::Database::Check Check OTOBO database connectivity.
Maint::Database::PasswordCrypt Make a database password unreadable for inclusion in Kernel/
Maint::Database::MySQL::InnoDBMigration Convert all MySQL database tables to InnoDB.
Maint::Elasticsearch::Migration Migrate existing tickets, customers and customerusers to Elasticsearch.
Maint::Email::MailQueue Mail queue management.
Maint::FormDraft::Delete Delete draft entries.
Maint::GenericAgent::Run Run all generic agent jobs from a configuration file.
Maint::GenericInterface::DebugLog::Cleanup Delete Generic Interface debug log entries.
Maint::Loader::CacheCleanup Cleanup the CSS/JS loader cache.
Maint::Loader::CacheGenerate Generate the CSS/JS loader cache.
Maint::Log::Clear Clear the OTOBO log.
Maint::Log::CommunicationLog Management of communication logs.

Maint::Log::Print Print the OTOBO log.
Maint::PostMaster::MailAccountFetch Fetch incoming emails from configured mail accounts.
Maint::PostMaster::Read Read incoming email from STDIN.
Maint::PostMaster::SpoolMailsReprocess Reprocess mails from spool directory that could not be imported in the first place.
Maint::Registration::UpdateSend Send an OTOBO system registration update to OTOBO Team.
Maint::SMIME::FetchFromCustomer Refresh existing keys for new ones from the LDAP.
Maint::SMIME::KeysRefresh Normalize S/MIME private secrets and rename all certificates to the correct hash.
Maint::SMIME::CustomerCertificate::Fetch Fetch S/MIME certificates from customer backends.
Maint::SMIME::CustomerCertificate::Renew Renew existing S/MIME certificates from customer backends.
Maint::Session::DeleteAll Delete all sessions.
Maint::Session::DeleteExpired Delete expired sessions.
Maint::Session::ListAll List all sessions.
Maint::Session::ListExpired List expired sessions.
Maint::Stats::Generate Generate (and send, optional) statistics which have been configured previously in the OTOBO statistics module.
Maint::Stats::Dashboard::Generate Generate statistics widgets for the dashboard.
Maint::Stats::Reports::Generate Manually generate statistics reports.
Maint::Stats::Reports::GenerateCron Automatically generate statistics reports and email them to the specified recipients.
Maint::SupportBundle::Generate Generate a support bundle for this system.
Maint::SupportData::CollectAsynchronous Collect certain support data asynchronously.
Maint::Ticket::ArchiveCleanup Delete ticket/article seen flags and ticket watcher entries for archived tickets.
Maint::Ticket::Delete Delete one or more tickets.
Maint::Ticket::Dump Print a ticket and its articles to the console.
Maint::Ticket::EscalationCheck Trigger ticket escalation events and notification events for escalation.
Maint::Ticket::EscalationIndexRebuild RebuildEscalationIndexOnline Rebuild Escalation Index
Maint::Ticket::FulltextIndex Flag articles to automatically rebuild the article search index or displays the index status. Please use status or rebuild option, not both!
Maint::Ticket::FulltextIndexRebuildWorker Rebuild the article search index for needed articles.
Maint::Ticket::InvalidUserCleanup Delete ticket/article seen flags and ticket watcher entries of users which have been invalid for more than a month, and unlocks tickets by invalid agents immedately.
Maint::Ticket::PendingCheck Process pending tickets that are past their pending time and send pending reminders.
Maint::Ticket::QueueIndexCleanup Cleanup unneeded entries from StaticDB queue index.
Maint::Ticket::QueueIndexRebuild Rebuild the ticket index for AgentTicketQueue.
Maint::Ticket::RestoreFromArchive Restore non closed tickets from the ticket archive.
Maint::Ticket::UnlockAll Unlock all tickets by force.
Maint::Ticket::UnlockTicket Unlock a single ticket by force.
Maint::Ticket::UnlockTimeout Unlock tickets that are past their unlock timeout.
Maint::WebUploadCache::Cleanup Cleanup the upload cache.Znuny4OTOBO
Znuny4OTOBO::DefaultColumnsScreen::Add Updates the 'DynamicField' config of all DefaultColumnsScreens configs accordingly
Znuny4OTOBO::DefaultColumnsScreen::Remove Removes the 'DynamicField' config of all DefaultColumnsScreens configs accordingly
Znuny4OTOBO::DynamicFieldScreen::Add Updates the 'DynamicField' config of all Ticket::Frontend::ACTIONS configs accordingly
Znuny4OTOBO::DynamicFieldScreen::Remove Removes the 'DynamicField' config of all Ticket::Frontend::ACTIONS configs accordingly.

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